Xiphinema insigne

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Xiphinema insigne
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Enoplea
Subclass: Enoplia
Order: Dorylaimida
Superfamily: Dorylaimoidea
Family: Longidoridae
Subfamily: Xiphineminae
Genus: Xiphinema
Species: Xiphinema insigne
Binomial name
Xiphinema insigne

Xiphinema insigne is a plant pathogenic nematode infecting tea. They are known to infect cacao trees.[1]


They are known to live in the Philippines.[1] It also resides in China, where it is the most common of all of the Xiphinema nematodes.[2]


There is a great deal of interspecies variation within the Xiphinema insigne population, generally variations are due to, or at least correlate with, geographical or climate differences.[2]

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