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Xitieshan railway station (Chinese: 锡铁山站) is a station on the Chinese Qingzang Railway. It is located in Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in the eastern part of the Qaidam Basin.

A short branch rail line runs from Xiteshan railway station to the nearby Xitieshan Lead Mine (锡铁山铅矿; 37°18′50″N 95°33′30″E / 37.31389°N 95.55833°E / 37.31389; 95.55833 (Xitieshan Lead Mine)).

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towards Xining
Qinghai–Tibet Railway
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Coordinates: 37°15′27″N 95°38′09″E / 37.25750°N 95.63583°E / 37.25750; 95.63583