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Xpert-Timer Software
Private Company
GenreProject time tracking on Windows and Android
FounderAndreas Spang
Area served
ProductsXpert-Timer Pro, Basic and Mobile
Websitewww.xperttimer.com, www.xperttimermobile.com

Xpert-Timer Software is a software development company based in Stadtbergen, Bavaria, Germany. Xpert-Timer Software develops and distributes Xpert-Timer Pro, Xpert-Timer Basic and Xpert-Timer Mobile.

Company history[edit]

Xpert-Timer Software was found in 1999 by Andreas Spang. The first couple of years the main product of the company was BackupXpress, which sold all over the world. Besides BackupXpress a project time tracking tool named "Project Timer" was developed and distributed as freeware. IconXpert and Xecutor were also developed and distributed worldwide. In 2005 the company decided to rename "Project Timer" to "Xpert-Timer", add multiple functions and start selling it worldwide in German and English. Since then, Xpert-Timer has grown significantly and serves over 3000 customers worldwide. The mobile version for Android was introduced in October 2010 and has been downloaded over 10.000 times worldwide so far. BackupXpress was taken off the market in 2010.


Xpert-Timer, available in the version Pro, Basic and Mobile allows to track time on projects or tasks. Xpert-Timer Pro and Xpert-Timer Basic are Windows-based, while Xpert-Timer Mobile runs on Android devices. All versions are designed for tracking time on projects and/or tasks. All versions of the software include a To-Do List, the timestamp list and a project history. Xpert-Timer Pro is multi-user compatible, while Xpert-Timer Basic is only available for single users. This way it allows a whole project team to track time on one and the same project. Multiple reports are included in the system. Timestamps can be grouped by user, project or by date and can be exported to Excel or .csv for further use. Xpert-Timer Pro can be extended with additional modules like e.g. a billing module to create offers, invoices, and reminders for clients. Also, there is a document management, client management and the synchronization option available in those versions.

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Tracking Billable Time/Billing Rates[edit]

Xpert-Timer tracks time for billable or non-billable projects. Additionally, price lists are available. This allows different hourly rates of employees to be mapped to the projects.

Expense Tracking[edit]

Reimbursable expenses can be attributed to a particular project.[4]

Timestamp reports[edit]

Xpert-Timer creates timestamps every time the start or stop button is pushed in the software. Manual entries are available, too. Timestamp comments can be added to every timestamp. Reports can be filtered by project, user, date or billing status. A customizable report to match your corporate identity is included.


Xpert-Timer Pro: Single & Multi-user, Project time tracking, Client manager, Document manager, Project history, To-Do List, Price lists, Reminders, Billing module (additional cost), Reimbursable expenses (additional cost), Synchronization module for Android & Windows (additional cost)

Xpert-Timer Basic: Single User, Project time tracking, Project history, Timestamps, To-Do List, Reminders.

Xpert-Timer Mobile: Project time tracking, To-Do List, Client management, Synchronization option with Xpert-Timer Enterprise/Pro (additional cost), Caller detection (additional cost), PDF-Reporting with signature option (additional cost), Photo-Upload to server (additional cost)

Android version[edit]

Mobile users can synchronize data between the Xpert-Timer Mobile and Xpert-Timer Pro version. The interface is XTSyncServer, which acts as the interface between the two databases. Xpert-Timer is also a standalone App, so it does not depend on Xpert-Timer Pro and can be used itself as well. [5][6][7]


Xpert-Timer includes preconfigured instant reports that support common needs to view time and expense data.

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