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Abzooba, Inc.
Industry Software
Founded 2010
Headquarters San Jose, CA Flag of the United States.svg
Key people

Vivek Vipul, Co-Founder & CEO
Rajiv Pratap, Co-Founder & Head of Engineering and Operations
R. Krishna Kumar, Chief Architect

Arnab Bose, MD
Labhesh Patel, Chief Data Scientist

Pradeep Suryanarayan, SVP
Pushpal Bhattacharya, VP
Products Text analytics Predictive analytics
Website http://www.abzooba.com

Abzooba is a San Francisco Bay Area based analytics company with centres in India located at Calcutta, Pune and Bangalore. Founded in 2010, Abzooba is involved in research work in areas like software product engineering, data mining, high end data analytics, natural language processing, semantic technologies, machine learning, and analysis of structured and unstructured data. As of 2014, Abzooba has acquired customers, primarily in the US, and some Indian customers.


The flagship offering of Abzooba is in the field of Natural Language Processing and Text analytics for analysis of large amounts of unstructured text in social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter and other social review domains.

The primary product of Abzooba, is Xpresso, focused on the automated distillation of expressions in social media conversations. A complaint, a suggestion, a request, a question, an acknowledgement, an opinion are but a few kinds of expressions ubiquitous in social media conversations today. Apart from expression type, Xpresso also gives sentiment type and the aspect the conversation speaks about.

Abzooba is also engaged in taking up various real-world predictive analytics problems and provides solutions to its clients.

Apart from the field of Data science, Abzooba also has a dedicated team for Product Engineering Services. Abzooba also has dedicated teams to focus on projects from the domains of Business Intelligence, Web and Mobile (iOS, Android) apps, SMS integration, Parallelization, High Performance Databases, Data Warehousing, e-Commerce, Data acquisition and assimilation, Big Data and Hadoop.

Awards and Recognitions[edit]

  • January, 2014: Predictive Analytics Today ranks Abzooba's Xpresso as one of the top 30 text analytics product [1]
  • June, 2014: Analytics India Magazine ranks Abzooba as one of the top 10 social media analytics company in India [2]
  • August, 2014: Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, mentions and recognizes Abzooba as a key participant in the development of the state of West Bengal, India [3]
  • December, 2014: SiliconIndia, awards Abzooba as the Startup of the Year-Product Development [4]


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