Xtra Mile Recordings

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Xtra Mile Recordings
Xtra mile logo.jpg
Founded 2003
Founder Charlie Caplowe
Distributor(s) ADA, Proper Music Distribution
Genre Rock music
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London
Official website XtraMileRecordings.com

Xtra Mile Recordings are an independent record label based in London, United Kingdom. The label was founded in 2003 by Charlie Caplowe and they release an eclectic mix of genres with a focus on rock & folk.


The label first signed the artists Million Dead and Reuben in 2003[1][2] and subsequently released Frank Turner's solo albums after the split of Million Dead in 2005.[3][4] While signed with Xtra Mile Frank Turner has gone on to perform at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics [5] and sell out Wembley Arena.[6]

On 8 August 2011 Xtra Mile were badly affected by the 2011 England riots, when the Sony Music warehouse that stored their records was set on fire.[7]

Since the labels inception it has continued to support and break new artists and bands.[8] Xtra Mile has released numerous charting albums from acts including Skinny Lister[9] and Will Varley[10]. In recent years the label has announced distribution deals outside the UK in countries such as the US[11] & Canada.[12]

On 4 July 2017 Xtra Mile were featured on BBC Radio 1's Independents' Day Takeover hosted by Huw Stevens.[13]



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