Xtreme Racing

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XTreme Racing
Developer(s)Silltunna Software (now Tuna Technologies)
Publisher(s)Black Magic Software
Designer(s)Alex Amsel, Richard Whittall
EngineCustom Engine
Platform(s)Amiga (AGA systems only)
Mode(s)Single player, multiplayer, LAN Multiplayer

XTreme Racing is a kart-style racing video game released in 1995 for the Amiga home computer system. The gameplay is heavily based on Super Mario Kart, released for the Super NES three years prior. The player(s) select from one of 8 possible characters, each driving unique vehicles.


With critical acclaim in Amiga gaming magazines, the game itself sold well on AGA machines, however not enough to justify a full sequel. This was due to the state of the Amiga market at the time (by comparison, Worms: The Directors Cut, a fairly high-profile release also with input from the programming team at Silltunna Software, only sold 5,000 when it was released in 1997.[1] Subsequently XTR appeared as an almost full version on a magazine coverdisk, missing only some of the map graphics which were then made available for download on the Aminet.

Upgrade pack[edit]

In 1996 an upgrade pack, including additional tracks, bug fixes, new features and additional Cups to participate in, was made available to people who registered their copy of the game with the publisher. The upgrade pack also included a Map Editor, which a few people have used to produce brand new maps over the years. The upgrade pack, as well as many user-made maps, are now available on Aminet.


XTreme Racing can be played by up to four players on one computer, or with up to 8 players via a null modem connection.

Single player[edit]

There are three Single Player modes available at the start of the game.

The first is a Cup Mode, wherein the player can compete in one of 4 cups (2 more were added in the upgrade pack, bringing the total to 6). The cups usually contain 5 tracks of varying difficulty. The better position you attain each race, the more points you acquire.

The second is a Tournament Mode, in which players must not only strive to make it into at least first, second or third position each race, but in which you can also obtain money with which you can buy upgrades for your chosen car.

The third mode is a standard Time Trial Mode, the aim of which being to attain as fast a time as possible on your selected tracks without the distraction of other vehicles (the other two modes also log Lap Records). Perhaps the most annoying fascet of this mode, Lap Records are not automatically saved but rather must be saved by selecting the "Save Records" option on the Frontend Menu.


As well as the Cup and Tournament Modes listed above, Multiplayer also includes a Versus Mode, wherein the players (and as many computer-controlled players as you wish, if any) race head-to-head on the tracks of your choosing. The game also includes a Battle Mode similar to that in Super Mario Kart although actually more inspired by another Super NES game, Street Racer.

Technical aspects[edit]

Xtreme Racing requires an Amiga with an AGA chipset (such as the Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000, or an ECS/OCS Amiga with a Graphics Accelerator Card supporting AGA emulation. As the game also renders a lot of flat plane 3D, a Graphics Accelerator Card significantly boosts performance. As with most PC titles today, the better the memory and graphical capabilities of the computer itself, the smoother the game would run. It is possible to adjust the graphics quality from within the game - users can choose to render the pixels as 4x4, 4x2, 2x2, 2x1, or standard 1x1, as well as toggling various elements such as dust and mountains. Unlike Super Mario Kart, XTR allows you to move the camera position. A vanilla Amiga 1200 (emulated or otherwise) can only run the game in low-resolution modes.


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