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xTune is an enterprise social software designed for connecting and sharing expertise within an organization. xTune can be used for competence-based management, knowledge management, talent management, and innovation management. [1]

xTune is targeted to medium and large sized businesses operating in a complex environment where collaboration and sharing expertise is vital.

The concept behind xTune, called "swarming," aims to imitate swarm intelligence - a form of collective intelligence. This behavior enables even large groups to work flexibly together towards a common goal. [2] [3] [4]


xTune is provided as software as a service (SaaS), cloud computing or on-demand service, where the software and data are maintained in a secure, remote server. Since there is no need to download and install software xTune can be seen as easy to deploy.

xTune-service is web browser based and works on all operating systems and is supported by most up-to-date web browsers. The service has been developed using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP technologies, which enables it to scale to different mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.[5]

xTune uses advanced programming interface (API) which enables it to integrate to different Human resource systems and intranets. xTune has LinkedIn integration which enables the transfer of profile information including photos, skills, CV´s, and personal information to the service. The service also uses Wikipedia integration which retrieves competence descriptions directly from Wikipedia to xTune.[5]


Intunex Ltd is a Finnish technology company founded by Janne Ruohisto in 2008. Intunex received an innovation and product development fund from TEKES in 2010.[6] Intunex launched the first commercial version of xTune in 2011. [1] [7]

xTune has received awards including The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre's interactive learning award eEemeli – best collaboration application 2012[8], and HR Tech Europe Finalist in 2012.[9]

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