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Xu Jinglei
Born (1974-04-16) April 16, 1974 (age 47)
Alma materBeijing Film Academy
Years active1994–present
AwardsSilver Shell for Best Director
2004 Letter from an Unknown WomanHuabiao AwardsOutstanding New Actress
2003 I Love You

Golden Rooster AwardsBest New Director
2003 My Father and I
Best Supporting Actress
2003 Far From Home

Hundred Flowers AwardsBest Actress
2003 Spring Subway

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese徐靜蕾
Simplified Chinese徐静蕾
Musical career
LabelsBeijing Kaila Pictures Co., Ltd.

Xu Jinglei (Chinese: 徐静蕾, born 16 April 1974) is a Chinese actress and film director.[1] She was hailed as one of the Four Dan Actresses in China. In 2002, Xu won the Huabiao Award for Outstanding New Actress for her performance in I Love You and the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress for Spring Subway. The same year, she won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Far From Home.

Early life and education[edit]

On April 16, 1974, Xu was born in Beijing, China. Xu graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 1997.[2] She later returned as a teacher at the Performing Department.[3]


Acting career[edit]

Xu Jinglei rose to fame in China with the television series A Sentimental Story (1997), where she played a policewoman who falls for a gangster.[4] Thereafter, she starred in romance film Spicy Love Soup (1997), where she won the Society Award at the Golden Phoenix Awards for her performance.[3]

In 1998, Xu and actor Li Yapeng paired up in Cherish Our Love Forever, a story based on the life and love between a group of young college students. The television series struck a chord with young audiences and became a massive hit in China, where Xu and Li were hailed as the "Nation's Couple".[5] The two would later pair up again for the film sequel Eternal Moment (2011), set ten years after the drama.[6]

Xu solidified her success in 2002 with the films Spring Subway and I Love You, both popular hits in China and particularly with younger audiences.[7] Along with Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei, Xu was hailed as one of the Four Dan Actresses in China.[7] Xu won the Huabiao Award for Outstanding New Actress for her performance in I Love You and the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress for Spring Subway.[8] The same year, she won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Far from Home.[9]

In 2006, Xu starred alongside Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung and Shu Qi in the crime drama Confession of Pain.[10] She received her first acting award in Hong Kong; the year's Most Attractive Actress at the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers (HKSC) Awards.[11] Xu was then cast as the female lead in the war epic, The Warlords (2007) by Peter Chan.[12]

After an extended hiatus from acting, Xu made a comeback in the science fiction thriller Battle of Memories (2017).[13][14]

Directing career[edit]

Xu made her directorial debut with the film My Father and I (2003), where she also starred as the lead actress. The film, which tackled the delicate relationship between a Chinese father and his daughter, received widespread critical acclaim and won her a Golden Rooster for Best Directing Debut.[15][7] Her second directorial work, Letter from an Unknown Woman (2004) was a romantic story based on the classic novel of Stefan Zweig, and won her the Silver Shell for Best Director at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain.[15][16]

After two successful art-house films, Xu had a shot in innovative film making in Dreams Come True (2006), an experimental film shot in one setting.[17] However unlike her previous two films, Dreams Come True was panned by critics.[18]

Xu became the first female director in China whose films gross more than 100 million yuan, for her 2010 film Go Lala Go!.[15][4] The film, adapted from Li Ke's bestseller of the same name which is about a young woman's growth in society, is Xu's first attempt at commercial production.[19]

Xu continued to direct romantic features Dear Enemy (2011) and Somewhere Only We Know (2015), which were moderately successful at the box office.[20][21][22]

Deviating from her former productions which mainly focuses on romance and family, Xu returned with action cop thriller The Missing in 2017.[15] She also announced that she would be producing an alien-themed online comedy series based on the popular online novel "My 200-Million-Year-Old Classmate".[15]

Other activities[edit]

Xu is popular in China, and in mid-2006, her Chinese-language blog had the most incoming links of any blog in any language on the Internet, according to blog search engine Technorati.[23][24]

In 2006, Xu founded her own production company, Kaila Pictures Corporation.[25] She uses the same name for her monthly digital magazine, which was first launched in April 2007.[26] In 2010, she launched her first jewelry line which was sold on online stores.[citation needed]

Xu also launched an education and film fund with 200,000 yuan (US$25,000) to support braille publications, education for the children of migrant workers, and filming.[27]

In 2008, Xu was awarded the honorary title of "China Environmental Ambassador" at an awarding ceremony cosponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the United Nations Development Program on World Earth Day.[28]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1996 Tough Guy 忽然丈夫
1997 My Love to Tell You 我的爱对你说
Life Express 一夜富贵
Spicy Love Soup 愛情麻辣燙 Lin Yuqing
1998 The Storm Riders 風雲 Feng Wu
2002 Dazzling 花眼 Xiao Hao
Spring Subway 開往春天的地鐵 Xiao Hui
Far From Home 我的美丽乡愁 Xue'er
2003 I Love You 我爱你 Du Xiaojie
Heroic Duo 雙雄 Zhuo Min
My Father and I 我和爸爸 Xiao Yu also director and screenwriter
2004 Brothers 兄弟 Xue'er
Last Love, First Love 最后的爱,最初的爱 Fang Min
2005 Letter from an Unknown Woman 一个陌生女人的来信 Young girl also director and screenwriter
2006 Dreams May Come 梦想照进现实 Actor also director and screenwriter
Confession of Pain 伤城 Zhou Shuzhen
2007 The Warlords 投名状 Lian Sheng
2009 Shinjuku Incident 新宿事件 Yuko Eguchi
2010 Go Lala Go! 杜拉拉升职记 Du Lala also director and screenwriter
2011 Eternal Moment 将爱情进行到底 Wen Hui
Dear Enemy 亲密敌人 Ai Mi also director
2013 Better and Better 越來越好之村晚 Liu Shufen
2014 One Step Away 触不可及 Ying Zi
2015 Somewhere Only We Know 有一个地方只有我们知道 Chen Lanxin also director
2017 The Missing 綁架者 also director
Battle of Memories 记忆大师 Zhang Daichen
2018 The Trough 低压槽 HuiMeizi
Good Luck Dad 让我怎么相信你 also Title Design

Television series[edit]

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1994 My Old Classmate 同桌的你
1996 Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事 Dan Hong
1997 A Sentimental Story 一場風花雪月的事 Lu Yueyue
1998 Long Tang 龙堂 Ding Min
Cherish Our Love Forever 将爱情进行到底 Wen Hui
1999 Thunderstorm Rider 霹雳菩萨 Ah De
Here Comes Fortune 财神到 Xiao Yu
Love Letter 情书 Xia Lin
2000 New Romance Generation 新言情时代 Yi Fei television film
Divine Retribution 世纪之战 Yuen Siu-mui / Siu-kuk
Family of Lu Ao 旅"奥"一家人
2001 Accumulating All My Love 堆积情感 Yu Jingjing
Let Love Make the Decision 让爱作主 Lou Jiayi
2002 Sky Lovers 天空下的缘分 Du Mai
2005 Doukou Nianhua 豆蔻年华 Lin Lan
2018 200 Million Years Old Classmate 同学两亿岁 also executive producer

Awards and nominations[edit]


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