Xu Tingyao

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Xu TingYao
Born 10 January 1892
Wuwei, Anhui, China
Died 16 December 1974 (Age 82)
Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
Allegiance Chinese Nationalist
Battles/wars Defense of the Great Wall, campaign in Guangxi, Battle of Kunlun Pass

Xu Tingyao, Hsu Ting-Yao, (traditional Chinese: 徐庭瑤; simplified Chinese: 徐庭瑶; pinyin: Xú Tíngyáo; 1892–16 December 1974), courtesy name Yuexiang (月祥) was a Chinese Nationalist general from Wuwei, Anhui.

General Xu, commanded 17th Army during the Defense of the Great Wall in 1933, taking temporary command of the 8th Army Group when its commander was relieved. In July of the same year his army took control of the Beijing - Suiyuan Railroad to blockade the Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Army.

From 1934 to 1935 he was the head of a Chinese military delegation to Europe and the United States. In October 1935 he took charge of the training schools for China's developing mechanized forces in the next few years.

Xu commanded the 38th Army Group in the campaign in Guangxi from December 1939 to April 1940. His forces including the mechanized troops of the 5th Corps and 200th Division defeated the Japanese in the Battle of Kunlun Pass.


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