Xuanzhou Wu dialects

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Xuanzhou Wu
Native toPeople's Republic of China
RegionSouthern Anhui and bordering areas
Native speakers
(3.1 million cited 1987)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Linguasphere79-AAA-dc (Tai-gao)

+ 79-AAA-dd (Tong-jing) + 79-AAA-de (Shi-ling)

(together comprising parts of "remnant" west-Wu or Xuan-zhou)

Xuanzhou Wu (宣州吳語) is a western branch of Wu Chinese spoken in and around Xuancheng, Anhui province. The dialect has declined since the Taiping Rebellion, with an influx of Mandarin-speaking immigrants from north of the Yangtze River.


Xuancheng dialect is representative.

  • Xuancheng
  • Tong–Jing
    • Tongling dialect
    • Jing County dialect
    • Fanchang dialect
    • etc.
  • Shi–Ling
    • Shitai dialect
    • Lingyang (陵阳) dialect
    • etc.
  • Tai–Gao
    • Taiping dialect
    • Gaochun dialect
    • etc.


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