Xue Xiaolu

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Xue Xiaolu
Chinese name 薛曉璐 (traditional)
Chinese name 薛晓璐 (simplified)
Pinyin Xuē Xiǎolù (Mandarin)
Born 1970
Origin China
Alma mater Beijing Film Academy
Occupation Director, Screenwriter

Xue Xiaolu is a Chinese film director and screenwriter. She is considered one of the top Chinese female director with her top grossing film Finding Mr. Right 2. Her film have won multiple awards in China and abroad, including the Outstanding New Screen Writer award at the Fifteen HuaBiao Awards (for Ocean Heaven)[1], and Best Director at the 2013 China Image Film Festival (for Finding Mr. Right)[2]Her first major feature was 2010's Ocean Heaven, which stars in Jet Li, and this was followed by 2013's Finding Mr. Right, starring Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo. Xue is also a teacher at the Beijing Film Academy, and has been a volunteer for 14 years with Beijing Stars and Rain, a non-governmental educational organization for autistic children.

Early Life and Education[edit]

In 1989, Xue entered the Literature department of Beijing Film Academy with the major of Film Studies. After she received her bachelor degree in 1993, Xue continues her studies in Screen Writing and Theory major, eventually completed her master degree in 1996[3].


After her graduation in 1996, Xue joins CCTV-10 (the science and education focused channel of the CCTV Network in the People's Republic of China) as a producer. During her producing career, Xue participated in several well-known Chinese TV series and films as a screen writer[4]. In 2001, Xue produced the script of the high rating TV series Don't Respond to Strangers - Domestic Violence with co-writer Jiang Wei. In 2002, Xue joined the production of the Film Together, directed by the leading figure of fifth generation of Chinese cinema[5] - Chen Kaige; together they created the narrative of this film.[6] In 2005, the film had been nominated "Best Picture" by the Golden Rooster Awards in 2002.

In 2010, Xue introduced her directorial debut, Ocean Heaven; the film follows a story of a simple and unadorned father taking care of his troubled son, who suffers from autism spectrum disorder. The international Kungfu movie star, Jet Li, plays the diligent father in this film. The film rarely touches the subject of the disadvantaged group, therefore it attracts significant attentions from different areas of Chinese society.[7]

After 3 years, in 2013 Xue wrote and directed her second film Finding Mr. Right, a romance comedy starring Wu Xiubo and Tang Wei. The film narrate a love story happening in Seattle, between a Chinese immigrated taxi driver and a pregnant women who recently moves in an illegal maternity center. It is a funny, beautiful made romance, yet the film refers to the issues of "Anchor baby" and "affairs" in modern society. The film receives favourable reviews after its release[8], grossed approximately US$85 millions in China[9]. The film was a great success, Xu instantly became one of the most successful female director in China.

In 2016, the sequel Finding Mr. Right 2 released, features the same cast but a different loving story. The film breaks the opening day box office record of romantic films in China, with the earning nearly US$15 million on its first opening day[10], and achieves nearly US$113 million box office in total[11]. As Xue's third directing film, Finding Mr. Right 2 turned out to be another success as Xue became the number one female director with the highest-grossing film in 2016[12].

In 2017, Xue has been invited as the guest reviewer in LACFF (Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival)[13][14].


Year English Title Chinese Title Role
2002 Together 和你在一起 Writer (With Chen Kaige)
2003 Duo Zi 夺子 Writer
2005 Autumnal rain 秋雨 Writer
2010 Ocean Heaven 海洋天堂 Director/Writer
2013 Finding Mr. Right 北京遇上西雅图 Director/Writer
2016 Finding Mr. Right 2 北京遇上西雅图:不二情书 Director/Writer


China Image Film Festival Best screenwriter - Xue Xiaolu

China Image Film Festival Best Director -Xue Xiaolu [15]


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