Xue Xiaolu

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Xue.
Xue Xiaolu
Chinese name 薛曉璐 (traditional)
Chinese name 薛晓璐 (simplified)
Origin China
Born 1970
Occupation Director, Screenwriter

Xue Xiaolu is a Chinese film director and screenwriter. Her first major feature was 2010's Ocean Heaven, which stars in Jet Li, and this was followed by 2013's Finding Mr. Right, starring Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo. Xue is also a teacher at the Beijing Film Academy, and has been a volunteer for 14 years with Beijing Stars and Rain, a non-governmental educational organization for autistic children.



China Image Film Festival Best screenwriter - Xue Xiaolu

China Image Film Festival Best Director -Xue Xiaolu [1]


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