Xue Zong

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Xue Zong
Official of Eastern Wu
Born (Unknown)
Died 243
Traditional Chinese 薛綜
Simplified Chinese 薛综
Pinyin Xuē Zōng
Wade–Giles Hsüeh Tsung
Courtesy name Jingwen (Chinese: 敬文; pinyin: Jìngwén; Wade–Giles: Ching-wen)

Xue Zong (died 243), courtesy name Jingwen, was an official of the state of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. He was known for his quick wit. On one occasion, when the Shu Han envoy Zhang Feng (張奉) made fun of the name of his colleague Kan Ze during a feast, he gained somewhat of a measure of revenge by making fun of Shu Han's name. He was also known for assisting Lü Dai in the pacification of Jiaozhi (modern western Guangdong, southwestern Guangxi, and northern Vietnam). In 233, when Sun Quan considered an ill-advised campaign to Liaodong Peninsula against the recalcitrant Gongsun Yuan (who had submitted to him and then betrayed him and killed his envoys), Xue Zong was one of the officials who spoke against the campaign, eventually getting Sun Quan to change his mind. Xue Zong had two sons: Xue Ying and Xue Xu.

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