Xuexi Qiangguo

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Xuexi Qiangguo
Developer(s)Alibaba Group Holding Limited
Initial release1 January 2019
Available inChinese
TypeEducational software
Xuexi Qiangguo
Simplified Chinese学习强国
Traditional Chinese學習強國

Xuexi Qiangguo (Chinese: 学习强国, literally 'Study and strengthen the nation' or 'Study the powerful nation') is a Chinese app primarily designed to teach Xi Jinping Thought.[1] It is designed by Alibaba Group.[2] As of October 2019, it has more than 100 million active users[3] and is now the most downloaded item on Apple’s domestic App Store, surpassing social media apps such as WeChat and TikTok – known as Weixin and Douyin, respectively, in mainland China.[4][5]

The name of the app is a pun on Xi Jinping's name. "学习" can mean "learning" or "learn from Xi" depending on the way it is pronounced.[citation needed]


Aside from offering ideological courses, it allows to video chat with friends, send messages that get deleted after having being read, create a personal calendar, get informed through the state media or watch TV series about the history of the Communist Party of China.[6] The app also has a section about Xi Jinping's thoughts and life and weekly quizzes can be taken about Xi's life and the CPC where points can be won.[7] The usage of each of these sections can provide the user with "study points".[8] By April 2019 it had more than 100 million active users according to the Chinese state media.[9]

Once the app is downloaded, it gains access to the ID card number, real name, “bio-data” gleaned from the annual health check, shopping history, phone number, location data and deleted content.[10] The app is strongly promoted by the government institutions and party members get encouraged to download the app in order to "make the country strong".[7] The app is also getting included in some university programs. Schools urge its students to learn from the app, employers give out certificates for "star learners", and some even require their employees to post a daily screenshot with their score at the app.[7]


Cure53 and the Open Technology Fund reported that the app allows Chinese government access to all of the data on Android-based phones.[11]

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