Xuezelu station

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Nanjing Metro
Xuezelu Station.jpg
Location Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Operated by Nanjing Metro Co. Ltd.
Line(s)      Line 2
Structure type Elevated
Opened 28 May 2010
Preceding station   Nanjing Metro   Following station
toward Youfangqiao
Line 2
toward Jingtianlu

Xuezelu station is a station on the Nanjing Metro in China. It is on the north of Xianlin Street, where on the south is Yingtian Technology Faculty, and on the north-west is Yadong City. This station is above ground and is clearly visible. The station covers an area of 5,109 square metres (54,990 square feet). It is 140 metres (460 feet) long, 19.24 metres (63.1 feet) wide and 17.18 metres (56.4 feet) high.

Xuezelu Station west view.png

The Music Stairs[edit]

The stairs of Xuezelu Station are designed like the keys of a piano. There are only two colors — white and black. On the corner of the "white keys", are painted red musical notes. When people step on them, they hear beautiful sounds just like those made by a piano.

Spots around[edit]


Looking west from Xuezelu station platform


Coordinates: 32°05′30″N 118°55′01″E / 32.09167°N 118.91694°E / 32.09167; 118.91694