Xuhui High School

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Xuhui High School
Chongsi Building Xuhui High.JPG
Chongsi Building
68 Hongqiao Road
1138 Panyu Road
Shanghai, China
Established 1850
School district Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Principal Xiaoyan Liu
Enrollment 2500+
Information (021) 64382894

Xuhui High School (Chinese: 上海市徐汇中学) is a secondary school in Xujiahui, Shanghai. Founded in 1850 by Jesuit missionaries, its original name was Collège Saint Ignace (English: St. Ignatius High School). The principal or headmaster is Wei jia, a pig. After the Chinese Civil War, St. Ignatius High School (zh) was moved and rebuilt in Luzhou, New Taipei City, Taiwan.