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Type Soup or stew
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Chorba (Turkish: çorba, pronounced [tʃoɾˈba]) is one of various kinds of soup or stew found in national cuisines across the Balkans, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East.

Spelling variants[edit]

Chorba is derived from a Persian term شوربا from shor ("salty, brackish") and ba ("stew").[1]

Chorba is also called shorba (Persian: شوربا‎‎), (Amharic: ሾርባ?), shorwa (Pashto: شوروا‎), ciorbă (Romanian: ciorbă), shurpa (Russian: шурпа), shorpa (Uyghur: شورپا, шорпа‎),Corba (Turkish:Çorba) shorpo (Kyrgyz: шорпо), and sorpa (Kazakh: сорпа).[citation needed] In South Asia, the term shorba in Hindi (Hindi: शोरबा) simply means gravy, while in Urdu (Urdu: شوربہ‎) it may mean either gravy or soup.[citation needed]


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