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Initial release 1994
Operating system Linux, Unix
Type Health
License GNU General Public License [1]
Website www.lcdf.org/xwrits

Xwrits is a Unix/X11 software application which reminds computer users to take wrist breaks. This helps prevent them from developing or aggravating occupational diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries. Xwrits periodically locks the X Window System while a brightly colored hand, alternately clenching and stretching as if in pain, is displayed to remind the user to take a break. Xwrits is highly customizable, though unlike Workrave, Xwrits can only be customized using command line options.

Examples of use[edit]

Here are some examples of the use of xwrits:


This starts xwrits. It reminds the user to take a 5-minute break after every 55 minutes of typing.

       xwrits breaktime=0:20 typetime=5:00 +mouse +lock +lp=/usr/share/firefox/res/arrow.gif

This starts Xwrits and sets it to monitor both the keyboard and the mouse. It reminds the user to take a 20 second break after every 5 minutes of computer usage. Instead of just reminding the user to take a break, it locks the screen so that the user cannot use the keyboard or mouse until 20 seconds have elapsed. When it locks and restores the screen, it shows the image /usr/share/firefox/res/arrow.gif (a black transparent GIF) instead of the standard jail bars, hand, and brightly colored pointing-finger "OK" notification.

Similar utilities[edit]

Similar RSI-prevention utilities include:

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