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Hylophobia, also known as xylophobia, ylophobia, and dendrophobia, is a psychological disorder defined by an irrational fear of wood, forest or trees. It is a type of specific phobia.


The term hylophobia is derived from the Greek ὕλη hylo-, meaning "wood or forest", and phobo- meaning "fear".[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]

  • In the BBC television show New Tricks, Dennis Waterman's character, Gerry Standing, admits to suffering from hylophobia in the second season. Subsequently, his fear is occasionally mentioned or used as a plot element throughout the series, particularly when the Unsolved Crimes and Open Case squad are required to visit crime scenes in forested areas near London. In the tenth season, the character seeks treatment for hylophobia.
  • In the The Simpsons Episode 21 of Season 20 , "Coming to Homerica", Lisa mistakenly says it is the fear of xylophones.
  • In "Uncle Grandpa", Hot Dog Person stated that he was afraid of trees but when he climbed a telephone post which he thought of as a tree, he conquered his fear.
  • In Wynonna Earp, TV series, there is reference to Hylophobia in episode 10, first season.[citation needed]

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