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Y. P. Varshni (born 1932) is a scientist in the areas of physics and astrophysics.

Varshni studied at Allahabad University, where he obtained his B.Sc in 1950, his M.Sc. in 1952, and his Ph.D. in 1956. He published his first research paper in 1951 at the age of 19. He served as an assistant professor in the Physics Dept., Allahabad University for the period 1955–60.

Varshni emigrated to Canada as a postdoctorate fellow at the National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada in July 1960. For the next two years he worked in theoretical physics under Ta-You Wu, a distinguished physicist who in China taught T.D. Lee and C.N. Yang, who won the Nobel Prize in 1957. In July 1962, Varshni was appointed as assistant professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Ottawa. He became associate professor in July 1965 and full professor in July 1969. He retired in June 1997 and was then appointed as Emeritus Professor. Varshni has worked in a number of areas of physics and astrophysics. He wrote on the Plasma Laser Star Theory of quasars. He was the Ph.D advisor of David Joseph Singh, a professor at the University of Missouri.

He has published more than 260 research papers in important scientific journals. Varshni has also contributed three biographies to the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers.

Varshni is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, Institute of Physics (UK) and Royal Astronomical Society (UK). He is also a Full Member of the American Astronomical Society.

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