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Original author(s)Gery Van Emelen, Eric Diaz Fernandez
Initial release2012; 8 years ago (2012)
Stable release
2.3.9[1] / February 11, 2019; 18 months ago (2019-02-11)
Operating systemLinux, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris
PlatformIA-32, x86-64, SPARC, PowerPC
TypeDNS server
LicenseBSD license

YADIFA /jɑːˈdfɑː/ (an acronym for Yet Another DNS Implementation For All[2]) is a lightweight authoritative name server, written in C, with DNSSEC capabilities. Developed by the people behind the .eu top-level domain, YADIFA has been built from scratch to face today's DNS challenges, with no compromises on security, speed and stability, to offer a better and safer Internet experience.[citation needed]

YADIFA has a simple configuration syntax and can handle more queries per second while maintaining one of the lowest memory footprints in the industry.[citation needed]

YADIFA has one of the fastest zone file load times ever recorded on a name server.[citation needed]


  • Efficient[clarification needed]
    • Low memory footprint
    • Fast loading of zones
    • Very high response rates
  • Authoritative name server (master and slave) with full AXFR/IXFR/DNS notify/TSIG support
  • Multi master support
  • Dynamic updates (DNS update) with full DNSSEC support
  • NSID
  • DNSSEC compliant
    • Full NSEC support
    • Full NSEC3 support
    • Policies for automatic key generation
      • Diary schedules
      • Relative schedules
      • Ability to choose key algorithm, length
      • Ability to set denial parameters (NSEC3 salt, iterations, ...)
    • Smart Signing
      • Generate NSEC/NSEC3/RRSIG records
      • Maintain RRSIG signatures
      • Automatic key-roll (Publish, Activate, Deactivate, Remove)
    • Supported algorithms
      • DSASHA1 NSEC (algorithm 3)
      • DSASHA1 NSEC3 (algorithm 6)
      • RSASHA1 NSEC (algorithm 5)
      • RSASHA1 NSEC3 (algorithm 7)
      • RSASHA256 NSEC/NSEC3 (algorithm 8)
      • RSASHA512 NSEC/NSEC3 (algorithm 10)
      • ECDSAP256SHA256 NSEC/NSEC3 (algorithm 13)
      • ECDSAP384SHA384 NSEC/NSEC3 (algorithm 14)
  • Runs on many platforms
    • Linux
    • *BSD (FreeBSD/OpenBSD)
    • OsX
    • Solaris (x86/SPARC)

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