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Yago or YAGO may refer to:


Given name[edit]


  • Bernard Yago (1916–1997), Côte d'Ivoire Cardinal and Archbishop of Abidjan
  • Gideon Yago (born 1978), writer and former correspondent for MTV News and CBS News
  • Steeve Yago (born 1992), French-born Burkinabé footballer who plays as a defender for Toulouse
  • Takanori Yago (born 1994), Japanese sumo wrestler

Other uses[edit]

  • Yagō, a term applied in traditional Japanese culture to names passed down within a guild, studio, or other circumstance other than blood relations
  • YAGO (database), a semantic knowledge base
  • Yago (telenovela), a Mexican Telenovela from Televisa
  • Yago, a character from the Summoner video game series

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