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Designed byVictor Alvarez
First appeared2013
Stable release
4.5.1[1] Edit this on Wikidata / 25 May 2024; 48 days ago (25 May 2024)
Filename extensions.yara
Websitevirustotal.github.io/yara Edit this at Wikidata

YARA is a tool primarily used in malware research and detection.

It provides a rule-based approach to create descriptions of malware families based on regular expression, textual or binary patterns. A description is essentially a YARA rule name, where these rules consist of sets of strings and a Boolean expression.[2]


YARA was originally developed by Victor Alvarez of VirusTotal and released on GitHub in 2013.[3] The name is an abbreviation of YARA: Another Recursive Acronym or Yet Another Ridiculous Acronym.[4]


YARA by default comes with modules to process PE, ELF analysis, as well as support for the open-source Cuckoo sandbox.

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