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Logo of YASME Foundation, the legendary yacht (YASME) appears on the logo.

The YASME Foundation is a non-profit corporation organized to conduct scientific and educational projects related to amateur radio, including DXing (long distance communication) and the introduction and promotion of amateur radio in underdeveloped countries.[1] The foundation is located in Castro Valley, California.


The foundation was established 1960 and named after the legendary yacht "Yasme", the boat that took DXpeditioner Danny Weil to many remote places from which he operated amateur radio, sometimes for the very first time.[2] Initially the main purpose of the YASME Foundation was to help raise money for Danny's expeditions and to organize the distribution of his QSL cards. Danny was one of the first to travel to more than one location to operate, and to travel from place to place, often solo in a sailboat and lugging hundreds of pounds of radio equipment, specifically to provide DXers with a 'new one.' When Weil retired from amateur radio, the foundation closely cooperated with the radio expeditions of Lloyd and Iris Colvin. Lloyd and Iris perfected the DXpedition and took it into the modern age in the 1970s and 1980s, with operations from more than 100 countries, using modern transport methods and state of the art radio equipment.[3]

Foundation Award[edit]

The Yasme Foundation offers The Yasme Trophy and The Yasme Plaque to anyone who submits QSL cards showing contacts with 30 different callsigns of YASME officers, directors and/or operations.[4]


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