YCSU Young Democrats

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YCSU Young Democrats
МХСЗ Маладыя дэмакраты
Chairperson Aliaksandr Shumkevich
Founded 1997 (1997)
Ideology Christian Democracy
Mother party none
International affiliation none
European affiliation Youth of the European People's Party (observer)
European Christian Political Youth Network (observer)
National affiliation Belarusian Independence Bloc

Youth Christian Social Union – Young Democrats, short YCSU Young Democrats (Belarusian: МХСЗ Маладыя дэмакраты) is a Christian democratic youth organisation from Belarus. Since 2004 YCSU is a member of Youth of the European People's Party - umbrella organization of European political youth organisations and is the official youth wing of the European People's Party. YEPP bring together over 54 Centre-Right youth political organisations from over 35 countries all over Europe and now considered to be the largest political youth organisation in Europe.[1] YCSU Young Democrats was admitted as observer member of the European Christian Political Youth Network in 2004 too.[2]


Youth Christian Social Union was founded in 1997 and officially registered by Ministry of Justice of Belarus at the period of 1998 – 2003, but than on the eve of the 2004 parliamentary elections, it has lost its legal status when the Supreme Court made a decision on the liquidation of YCSU Young Democrats based on the suit of the Ministry of Justice.[3][4] The main reason for that was that YCSU Young Democrats members got involved in political campaigning for oppositional candidates and street actions.[5][6][7][8]

In 2002 Youth Christian Social Union merged with Youth of the United Civil Party of Belarus and a new brand YCSU Young Democrats was created [9] For the period of 2002-2008 YCSU Young Democrats was cooperating with the United Civil Party of Belarus, but at the last congress the decision was taken to work as an independent youth organisation. Some members of YCSU Young Democrats did not support the decision to restrain cooperation with United Civil Party, left YCSU Young Democrats, and stayed in UCP Youth.

After a congress of 2009 when was taken the decision to support Milinkevich as a candidate for the forthcoming elections, YSCU Young Democrats made one more attempt to gain a legal status, but Ministry of Justice of Belarus declined, and Supreme Court supported decision of the Ministry.[10][11]

Political activities[edit]

2000. Independent observation over the Parliamentary elections under the aegis of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. YCSU supported the decision of majority of democratic organizations to take an active part in campaign of boycott of the unfree and undemocratic "parliamentary elections". 2001. at the time of Presidential elections in Belarus YCSU formed a "Peramenaw!" (For Changes) coalition with other youth organisations, including Young Front, the Association of Belarusian Students, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Young Hramada, the UCP Youth, the Belarusian Association of Young Politicians.[12] YSCU activists took part in work in headquarters, independent observation, and mobilization campaigns. YSCU supported Aliaksandr Yaroshuk and Vladimir Goncharik

2003. Active participation in local elections (as candidates, volunteers and managers). A number of members of the organization became the deputies of the local councils in cities including Mogilev, Rogachev and others.[13]

2006. During Presidential elections YCSU Young Democrats supported Milinkevich as a single opposition candidate for the 2006 Presidential election. After the election results were broadcast, YCSU Young Democrats took an active part in Jeans Revolution. 10 members of YCSU Young Democrats were arrested when police attacked tent camp erected on October Square in Minsk.

2008. At Parliamentary elections YCSU Young Democrats had 3 candidates in the united list of 110 oppositional candidates. Aliaksandr Shumkevich in Maladzyechna, Anna Yhorava in Minsk, Artur Tsurbakou in Gomel.[14] But according to the official results the oppositional parties failed to gain any of the 110 available seats, all of which were given to parties and non-partisan candidates loyal to president Alexander Lukashenko. Aliaksandr Shumkevich received 5566 votes, 10,39% of all votes in Maladzyechna[15]

2009 YCSU Young Democrats was amongst the founders of Belarusian Independence Bloc.

Since its establishment, numerous activists of YCSU Young Democrats were arrested and imprisoned by Belarus police and KGB because of their political activeness.[16][17]

The main goal of YCSU Young Democrats is the preparation of a new generation of policymakers in Belarus.


Current board[edit]

Aliaksandr Shumkevich - chairman

Artur Tsurbakou - deputy chairman

Aliaksandr Kuushunau - international secretary

Previous leaders[edit]

  • Kiryll Ignatsik
  • Uladzimer Chyrvonenka
  • Andrey Kazakevich