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YES Prep Public Schools
Houston, TX
District information
Type State Charter
Motto Whatever it takes
Grades o2q
Established 1998
Superintendent Mark DiBella
Students and staff
Students 10,600
Other information
Founder/Ex-President Chris Barbic (SVP)
YES Prep North Central
YES Prep North Forest

YES Prep Public Schools, Inc.[1] is a network of public, open-enrollment charter schools located all throughout Greater Houston. The YES network has its headquarters in the Southwest Management District (formerly Greater Sharpstown), Houston.[2][3] The YES program is a university-preparatory program for grades 9-12.


YES (which stands for Youth Engaged in Service) began in 1995 as Project YES. The program was founded at Rusk Elementary School in the Houston Independent School District. Since 1998, YES Prep has been operating under a state charter.

As of 2017, Yes Prep has opened seventeen schools located around Houston: Bray Oaks founded in 2009, East End (2006), Eisenhower (2016), Fifth Ward (2011), Gulfton (2007), Hoffman (2013), North Central (2003), North Forest (2010), Northbrook (2012), Northbrook High (2015), Northline(2017), Northside (2011), Southeast (1998), Southside (2015), Southwest (2004), West (2009), and White Oak (2013).[4]

Enrichment Opportunities[edit]

  • Spring Trip:

YES Prep's focus is to help low-income students go to College. They offer "Spring Trip" which is an opportunity for students to go visit Colleges outside of Houston and around the country as a group. These are actually very helpful since it shows students that they can go to College out of state and it helps students see what kind of community the College has. They also give students reflection packages about what they liked about the school, events, etc. They also provide students with time to fill out the package and turn it in at the end of the trip. [5]

  • Service Opportunities:

YES Prep's students are required to complete a certain amount of Volunteer Service Hours per academic year and it varies per year. This is required so that students are allowed to experience helping others outside of school and give back to the community. The volunteer work varies per location, it could be such things like picking up trash in a neighborhood, packaging food, planting vegetables, socialized with aid patients, elders, veterans, etc. There are many places that YES Prep introduces students to do Volunteer Service. Seniors are offered a week outside of school to do 40 hours of Volunteer Service to a desired location as a group in order to graduate. [6]

  • Summer Opportunities:

YES Prep encourages their students to apply to programs over the summer. These could be programs such as earning credits at other universities, study abroad, Volunteer Service, etc. These programs give students the opportunity to stay academically active over the summer, socialize with other students at those programs, experience other academic fields they can't throughout the academic year. Examples of those programs are NOLS, Duke Tip, Breakthrough Houston, etc. [7]


The YES system was rated as Exemplary and Recognized by the Texas Education Agency for 8 consecutive years, ranking as Houston's best open-enrollment high school by the Houston Chronicle, and a place on Newsweek's Best High Schools in America list for both 2006 (ranked #88) and 2007 (#38). In 2012, YES Prep's Southeast Campus was ranked number four, and its North Central Campus was ranked the number six high school in the Greater Houston Area by Children At Risk.[8]

In 2010, Oprah Winfrey donated 1 million dollars each to six charter school systems, including YES Prep.[9]

Senator Ted Cruz (R)Texas, fulfilled his promise to give up his salary during the government shutdown of 2013 by donating $7,627.40, "equal to 16 days of gross pay," to the Houston-based organization, YES Prep, "that he and Heidi support." [10]


Athletics vary per school since not all schools have High Schools and all schools have a different location.


YES Prep Bray Oaks:

   Middle School: Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Tennis, Track & Field, Soccer & Volleyball
   High School: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Flag Football, Tennis, Track & Field, Soccer, Softball & Volleyball


YES Prep Southwest (These sports vary per gender):

   Middle School: Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Soccer & Volleyball
   High School: Basketball, COED Competitive Cheer, COED Dance, Cross Country, Flag Football, Track, Soccer & Volleyball


YES Prep White Oak (not including 6th grade):

   Middle School: Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Flag Football, Track & Field, Soccer & Volleyball



YES Prep Brays Oaks 2015 Varsity Flag Football East Texas District Champions; East Texas Regional Champions and East Texas State Champion Finalist.

YES Prep West 2014-15 Junior Varsity State and District champions.

YES Prep Southeast's Basketball program in men's was successful in becoming District 25-AA Co-Champions (2010-2011) along with Hitchcock high school. YES Prep Southeast's Middle School Team placed 2nd place during the Championships. (2012-2013) In 2014, YES Prep Southeast participated in the Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League and won the state championship for boys' cross country team competition while the girls' team also placed second.[14] Yes Prep Southeast 2015-2016 Varsity Volleyball girls also placed first in the Texas Charter School Academic & Athletic League state championship.


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