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YIMBY is an acronym for Yes In My Back Yard in contrast and opposition to the NIMBY phenomenon.[1] Some of the groups encourage the installation of clean energy sources, such as wind turbines, despite the opposition these generally face from NIMBY groups. The term was coined by Nikolai Fedak of New York YIMBY, a news website that covers construction of new buildings and infrastructure in New York City.[2]

New York YIMBY[edit]

New York YIMBY
Web address www.newyorkyimby.com
Type of site
News website
Available in English
Owner Nikolai Fedak
Editor Nikolai Fedak
Launched 2011
Current status Active

Nikolai Fedak founded the real estate development news website New York YIMBY in 2011, which the acronym lives through. [3] New York YIMBY supports aggressive economic growth via urbanization, while advocating for smart growth and environmental sustainability, for New York City and its metropolitan region. The website publishes articles critiquing architecture and building usage, while providing breaking news and construction updates on notable projects, including 225 West 57th Street. Other topics discussed include transportation infrastructure and urban planning.

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