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The Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS), developed by Vincent E Ziegler, M.D., and popularized by Robert Young, is an eleven-item multiple choice diagnostic questionnaire which psychiatrists use to measure the severity of manic episodes in children and young adults.[1] The scale was originally developed for use in the evaluation of adult patients with bipolar disorder, but has since been modified for use in pediatric patients. A similar scale was then developed to allow clinicians to interview parents about their children's symptoms, in order to ascertain a better diagnosis of mania in children. This parent version (P-YMRS) can be completed by a parent or a teacher to determine whether a child should receive further evaluation from a psychologist or psychiatrist.[2] Clinical studies have demonstrated the reliability and validity of the parent version of the scale, which has been found to provide “clinically meaningful information about mood disorders in youth." The P-YMRS does succeed in identifying most cases of childhood bipolar disorder, and it has an extremely high false positive rate.[2][3]

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