YRT/Viva Special Constable Services

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YRT/Viva Special Constable Services
VIVA enforcement.jpg
Uniform Shoulder Patch of Special Constable
Agency overview
Formed 2005
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Legal jurisdiction York Region Transit (YRT) and Viva transit system in York Region, Ontario, Canada
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters 50 High Tech Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Sworn members 15 (2008)[1]
Official website

The YRT/Viva Special Constable Services (also known as Viva Cops) is the security section of the York Region Transit (YRT) and Viva transit system in York Region, Ontario, Canada. The Special Constable Services were launched in September 2005, and are responsible for safety and security on the YRT and Viva. These Special Constables are peace officers, have similar powers as police officers, and are sworn in by the YRT/Viva and the York Regional Police. Authorized as "Special Constables" by the York Police Services Board, pursuant to Section 53 of the Police Services Act of Ontario. The Special Constable appointment, by its very nature affords "peace officer" powers under section 2 of the Canadian Criminal Code, as it relates to the duties of the YRT/Viva Transit System.


A contingent of Special Constables patrol YRT and Viva properties and enforce:

They also enforce the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario, as agents of the property.

Special constables wear distinct uniforms with black jackets and blue shirts with Special Constables identification (blue and black crest on their shoulders), handcuffs, ASP baton and pepper-foam.

Fare Media Inspectors are enforcement officers responsible for fare inspections on Viva and issuing fines relating to fare violations.

YRT/Viva Special Constables also drive in the unmarked and marked cruisers.

The special constables patrol within areas served by the YRT/Viva (mostly in York Region, but Toronto as well) in marked vehicles.


  • Special Constables - 50
  • Fare Inspector - 10
  • Operations Enforcement Dispatchers - 8
  • Team Lead Special Constable - 8
  • Enforcement Support Staff - 3
  • Transit Enforcement Supervisor - 4


Special Constables wear:

  • light blue shirt (tie optional) with patch identify "Special Constable"
  • dark navy blue pants and vest
  • forged cap with YRT crest or hard hat
  • dark sweater or jacket for winter
  • reflective safety vest

Fare Inspectors wear:

  • light grey shirt (optional tie) with patch identify "Fare Inspector"
  • grey pants and dark vest
  • dark jacket for winter

Constables are armed with handcuffs, OC foam and expandable baton only.[2]

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