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YTN (Yonhap Television News)
Type Cable and satellite television, IPTV
Country South Korea
Availability National
Owner YTN Group
Launch date
1995 (television); 2005 (DMB)
Official website

YTN (KRX: 040300) is the world's first 24-hour Korean news channel. It was founded on September 14, 1993, and began broadcasting on March 1, 1995.

The channel's previous slogans are "Yesterday, Today and Now" and "Your True Network", both of them being backronyms for the channel's name. The channel's three current slogans are "Always First", "Exclusive Tomorrow" and "Yes! Top News!". This channel also have sentence "Whenever and wherever there is news, we are there."


  • 1993/09/14 YTN founded
  • 1995/03/01 Began broadcasting
  • 2000/04/08 Merged with Seoul Tower, constructing an integrated broadcast transmission tower
  • 2004/03/01 Moved to YTN tower, next to the Sungnyemun
  • 2004/03 Launched "YTN INTERNATIONAL"
  • 2008/01/31 KCC approved YTN FM Radio.
  • 2008/04/01 YTN FM Radio began broadcasting in Seoul city. (Callsign:HLQV-FM Frequency:FM 94.5 MHz.)
  • 2011/04 Renamed from "YTN INTERNATIONAL" to "YTN WORLD"
  • 2013/03/01 YTN FM Radio is carried on the HD2 channel of KSWD (100.3 MHz) in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • 2014/04 Moved to YTN Newsquare, DMC area

YTN services[edit]

All of these channels broadcast live 23 hours a day.

  • YTN: Korea's most-watched news channel, keep you informed with up-to-the-minute breaking news, as well as in-depth analysis.
  • YTN science: The first Korean science channel, provides a wide range of science information.
  • YTN Weather & Life: This channel delivers weather forecasts as well as up-to-date information on disasters and tips for a healthy lifestyle.
  • YTN News FM 94.5: Korea's only news radio station with the latest news, weather, traffic, plus some music.
  • YTN WORLD: Latest domestic and international news, plus useful info for viewers all day to help them change their lifestyle.

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