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YTO Group Corporation
Native name
PredecessorChina First Tractor Company
Area served
ProductsAgriculture machinery, tractors
WebsiteYTO China
YTO Global

The YTO Group Corporation is a Chinese agriculture and construction machinery manufacturer that is part of Sinomach, a comprehensive machinery conglomerate. Although composed of many subsidiaries and divisions that manufacture a range of products including agricultural tractors, engines, combine harvesters and trucks, the company is best known for farming equipment. The company was founded in 1955 is the largest manufacturer of tractors in China.[1] A subsidiary of the company operates under the name China First Tractor.

YTO (Luoyang) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is a joint venture for the manufacture of engines.


Prior to using the YTO brand, the tractors and engines were marketed under the brand Dongfanghong (DFH; Chinese: 东方红; pinyin: Dōng Fāng Hóng; lit.: 'The East is Red'). In the 1980s and 1990s, Fiat began to assist First Tractor Company with technology for engines and tractors.

In 2005, AGCO announced they were in discussions with First Tractor Company to establish a joint venture to manufacture tractors between 40-100 horsepower. Although the joint venture never materialized, YTO and AGCO still cooperated by manufacturing tractors based on a Valtra (owned by AGCO) design.[2][3]

The company has been keen on making a presence in international markets through establishing overseas factories and sales networks. In March 2013, the company scored a large export order when Ethiopia purchased $100 million worth of tractors.[1]


  • Agricultural Machinery
    • Wheeled Tractor
    • Crawler Tractor
    • Combine Harvester
    • Implement & Attachment
  • Construction Machinery
    • Road Roller
    • Wheeled Loader
    • Motor Grader
    • Crawler Excavator
    • Bulldozer
    • Forklift Truck
    • Garbage Compactor
    • Road Paver
    • Road Recycler
    • Concrete Mixing Plant
    • Asphalt Mixing Plant
    • Drilling Rig
    • Mobile Power Station
  • Vehicle
    • Mining Dump Truck
    • Pickup Truck
    • Special purpose Vehicles
  • Diesel Engine & OEM Parts
    • Diesel Engine
    • OEM Parts


Agricultural Tractors[edit]

YTO Brand[edit]

Dongfanghong Brand[edit]


Combine Harvesters[edit]

YTO & DongFangHong Combine Harvester Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
DongFangHong 4LZ-2.5 combine 65 hp (48 kW) DFH
DongFangHong 4LZ-3.5 combine
DongFangHong 4LZ-200 combine
DongFangHong 4ZL-3.5 combine
DongFangHong Harvest-Star combine
DongFangHong-International 525EX combine 52 hp (39 kW) based on Cummins
YTO 4LZ-2.5 2008 combine
YTO 4LZ-2.5 2008FR combine
YTO 4LZ-2.5YA combine
YTO 4LZ-3.5 combine
YTO 4LZ-168 combine
YTO 4LZ-180 combine
YTO 4LZ-200 combine
YTO 4LZ-220 combine
YTO 4LZ-252 combine
YTO 4LZ-280 combine
YTO 4LZ-300 combine
YTO 4150 combine

Corn Pickers[edit]

YTO Corn Pickers Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
YTO 4YZ-3 corn picker
YTO 4YZ-4 corn picker
YTO LT1022SJ1L Truck


  • 308
  • 408
  • 408P
  • 608
  • 608C
  • 608P
  • 808
  • 808C
  • 808P
  • 828
  • 828C
  • 828P
  • 838
  • 838C
  • 838P
  • 858
  • LT1026DP
  • LT1036DP28
  • LT1036DP33
  • LT1026SP
  • LT1036SP29
  • LT1036SP33
  • LT5026DPXXY
  • LT5026SPXXY
  • LT1022SC1L - pickup
  • LT1022SJ1L - pickup
  • LT1022SQ1L - pickup
  • LT5013ZLJ
  • LT5017ZLJ
  • LT5023ZLJ
  • LT5028ZLJ
  • LT5030ZLJ
  • LT50488ZZZ
  • LT5048GPSE
  • LT5080ZYS
  • LT5090GPSE
  • LT5090ZLJ
  • LT5102ZBS
  • LT5102ZYS
  • LT5108ZLJ
  • LT5128GPSE
  • LT5142ZYS
  • LT5160GPSE
  • LT5160ZLJ
  • LT5168ZYS

Construction Machinery[edit]

Motor Graders[edit]

  • MG1217A
  • MG1320E
  • PY165C-2
  • PY180C-2
  • PY185A
  • PY200TF
  • PY220C-2

Wheel Loaders[edit]

  • ZL18H - Cummins engine
  • ZL30F - Weichai engine
  • ZL30-II - YTO engine
  • ZL30H - Cummins engine
  • ZL40H - Cummins engine
  • ZL50D-II - Cummins or Shanghai engine
  • ZL50F - Weichai engine
  • ZL50H - Cummins engine
  • ZL60H - Cummins engine
  • ZL75H - Cummins engine
  • ZLM30-5
  • ZLM40E
  • ZLM955


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