YUI Rich Text Editor

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YUI Rich Text Editor
A basic YUI rich text editor
Written inJavaScript
Operating systemCross-platform
LicenseBSD License

YUI Rich Text Editor is a project developed by Yahoo! as a part of the YUI Library for an online rich-text editor that replaces a standard HTML textarea. It allows for drag and drop inclusion and sizing of images, text coloring, realignment, fonts, italic and bold text. The YUI rich text editor uses a plug-in architecture and it is skinnable along with the rest of the YUI.[1]


The YUI Rich Text Editor (RTE) contains the following components: Editor, SimpleEditor, ToolbarButton, and ToolbarButtonAdvanced. Some differences in the SimpleEditor and the Editor control are that the SimpleEditor uses JavaScript prompts and select elements rather than YUI defined elements.[2]


This component was designed and implemented by the Yahoo! developer Dav Glass in order to add a rich text editor component to the YUI.


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