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YULBlog was an association of blogs based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As per their website it is now defunct. "From March 2000 until March 2011, Montreal bloggers met up the first Wednesday of every month to have a beer and talk about anything and everything. It's the oldest and longest-living meeting of its kind in the world.

Yulblog is now hibernating, and it might come back in some other form."

YULBlog in the Media[edit]

YULBlog's 5th Anniversary Party (CBC Television Montreal; video sourced from VIMEO)

YULBlog's 5th Anniversary Party (Hour magazine)

YULBlog places 9th in the Montreal Mirror's "Best of Montreal" (2005) in the category "Best Blog."

Ed Hawco of Blork Blog talks about blogging and YULBlog on CBC Television. (Video sourced from VIMEO)

YULBlog on Montreal.tv

Dominic Arpin reporting from YULBlog for Web TV. (Video, in French.)

Branchez-Vous.com on YULBlog's 2009 facelift (in French).

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