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This article is about Y Centauri. For y Centauri, see HD 120987. For γ Centauri, see Gamma Centauri.

Y Centauri or Y Cen (HD 127233, HIP 70969) is a variable star in the constellation of Centaurus.[1] Its position is RA 14h 30m 58.770s by dec 30°S 5' 52.00". The spectral class is M4 to M7.

The variability in the star was discovered by P. F. Fleming in 1895 and it was given a designation H52 in the Harvard Catalogue of Variable Stars.[2]

The type of variable is SRb.

The IRAS designation is 14280-2952. The star contains a 22 GHz water maser emission.[3]


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