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Y Ffyrc (English: The Forks) are a Welsh pop group, comprising Mark Roberts and Paul Jones, who formerly played together in Y Cyrff, Catatonia and Sherbet Antlers.

Y Ffyrc is an anagram of Y Cyrff.


The group's first album, titled Oes, was released on the Rasal label on 7 August 2006, and contained 12 tracks.

Track listing:

  1. Godinebwraig
  2. Byth
  3. Mae 'Na Le
  4. Gwisgo Fyny
  5. Hen Dro
  6. Beichiog (released as a single)
  7. Nia Be Wna'i?
  8. Elwyn a'r Olwynion
  9. Aberystwyth
  10. Heb Eithriad
  11. Bylchau
  12. Corridor

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