Y Griega (Monterrey Metro)

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Y Griega
Y Griega Station.jpg
Nuevo León, Mexico
Coordinates25°41′00″N 100°16′46″W / 25.68333°N 100.27944°W / 25.68333; -100.27944Coordinates: 25°41′00″N 100°16′46″W / 25.68333°N 100.27944°W / 25.68333; -100.27944
Operated bySTC Metrorrey
Preceding station   Monterrey Metro   Following station
toward Talleres
Line 1
toward Exposición

The Y Griega Station (Spanish: Estación Y Griega) is a station on Line 1 of the Monterrey Metro.[1][2] It is located in Monterrey, Mexico.[1] It was opened in 1991.[1][2]

This station is named after the Y-junction that Avenues Colón and Madero make, and its logo represents it in the form of a letter "Y".

The Y Griega station is a major transfer station as many buses that service communities off the Metropolitan area such as Pesquería connect to the Metro system at the Y Griega station. The Y Griega station also serves the Fundidora Park.[3]

This station is in the Acero neighborhood (Colonia Acero) and it is close to Parque Fundidora.[3][4]


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