Y Pris

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Y Pris
Y Pris S4C TV series logo.jpg
Y Pris logo
Created by Fiction Factory
Country of origin Wales
No. of episodes 13 (I), 8 (II)
Producer(s) Fizzy Oppè
Running time 45
Original network S4C
Original release 2007 – 2009
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Y Pris (The Price) is a popular Welsh language television programme produced by Fiction Factory[1] for Welsh public service television station S4C. Described in its tagline as "The Sopranos by the seaside"[2][3] the show is set in Carmarthenshire and follows the "tangled lives of a group of gangsters who hide their illicit dealings".[3]

Series 1 spans 13 episodes, first broadcast in 2007; eight episodes for series 2, written again by Tim Price, have been commissioned by S4C[2] and shown 2009. The series is, together with Caerdydd, Cowbois ac Injans, and Con Passionate, part of S4C's drama editor Angharad Jones' drive to reach a younger audience for the station.[4]

The title track was written and recorded by Alabama 3 lead singer Rob Love (aka Rob Spragg).[5] The series' music is composed by John Hardy.[6]

Awards and nominations[edit]

In 2008 Y Pris was nominated for the Prix Europa in the Best Drama Series category. Y Pris has received five nominations for the 2008 Bafta Cymru awards: Best Screenwriter for Tim Price, Best Actor for Matthew Gravelle, Best Director (Drama) for Gareth Bryn, Best Sound for Gareth Meiron, Simon H. Jones, and Darren Jones, and Best Original Music Soundtrack for John Hardy and Rob Love[7][8] In the end, Y Pris won only one award: Best Original Music Soundtrack for John Hardy and Rob Love.[9]

The series has won best drama series in the 2009 Celtic Media Festival Awards.[10]

At the 2009 Bafta Cymru awards, Y Pris was nominated for the following categories: Gareth Bryn for Best Director (Film/Drama), Peter Thornton for Best Director Of Photography (Drama), Nel Bat for Best Make-Up, and Haydn Pearce for Best Design.[11]

Primary cast and characters[edit]

  • Lyn Edwards (Matthew Gravelle)
  • Steve John (Rhodri Meilir)
  • Rhidian Edwards (Huw Ceredig)
  • Ian Blake (Gareth Milton) I/1,3
  • Bryn Pritchard (Aled Pugh)
  • Ieuan Morris (Jâms Thomas)
  • Kirsti O'Shea (Nia Roberts) I/2-
  • Twrch (James Thomas)
  • Y Llywydd "The President" (Philip Madoc)
  • Billy Y Pimp (Dyfrig Morris)
  • Bryan Jones (Mark Lewis Jones) I/1-2,4
  • Anne (Gillian Elisa) I/2-
  • Alan Philips (Phylip Harries) I/2-
  • Keith Bradbury (Gareth Blake) I/2-3
  • Keith (Gareth John Bale) I/4
  • Ruth (Catrin Arwel) I/2-3
  • Mam Edwards (Menna Trussler)
  • Chloe (Mari Ann Bull) I/1-3
  • Davey Eddy (William Thomas) I/1-2
  • PC Ray Richards (Iwan John) I/1
  • Mrs. Blake (Sara Harris-Davids) I/1
  • Agent Macintosh (Gordon Warnecke) I/1
  • Llygoden "Mouse" (Emily Tucker) I/1-2
  • Clive Owen (Dafydd Hywel) I/1-3
  • Oscar (Gareth Potter) I/1
  • Mr. O'Shea (Gerry O'Brien) I/2-3
  • Caitlin Hughes (Heledd Baskerville) I/1
  • Llio Edwards (Sara Lloyd-Gregory) I/2-3
  • Fionn (Vincent Walsh) I/3-4
  • Hannah (Hannah Morley) I/3
  • Carla (Bethan Morghan) I/3
  • Prins William (Alun ap Brinley) I/3
  • Siwan (Mair Rowlands) I/3
  • PC Rory Brown (Rhodri Miles) I/2
  • Perchedid Gruffudd Hughes (Owen Garmon) I/3
  • Captain (Michal Smiley) I/3
  • Peter Perry (Fran Brennan) I/3
  • Big Phil (Rhys Parry Jones) I/3
  • Tara (Maria Pride) I/4
  • Julia (Iola Hughes) I/4


  • Producer: Fizzy Oppè (I)
  • Line producer: Cheryl Davies (I)
  • Executive producers: Angharad Jones (I), Ed Thomas (I)
  • Directors: Gareth Bryn (I), Ed Talfan (I) DJ Evans
  • Writer: Tim Price[2][12][13]
  • Co-writers: Heledd Hardy(I), Sharon Morgan (I)
  • Series 1 was filmed in March and April 2007.
  • Series 2 was filmed in 2008.[12][14]
  • Episodes are available on S4C's website for live streaming.[15]
  • All episodes are fully subtitled, in Welsh and English.
  • All episodes from series 2 feature audio description.[16][17]


The 13 episodes of series one were broadcast on S4C between 31 October 2007 and 23 January 2008. Repeats of the first series started on 21 October 2008. Series two started being broadcast on 2 April 2009.


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