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Y Records
Y Records Logo, The Pop Group LP Y5.jpg
Parent companyIndependent label, later incorporated into Kaz Records, which became part of
Castle Communications
FounderDick O’Dell
Distributor(s)Rough Trade
Castle Communications
GenreIndie Music
Country of originUnited Kingdom

Y Records was an independent record label set up in 1980 by Dick O’Dell in the United Kingdom, and distributed by Rough Trade.


Artists included The Slits, Shriekback and a number of groups that were associated with the Bristol Indie Bands from the late 1970s: The Pop Group, Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy and Pigbag.

The label's first release in 1980 (Y1, "Where There's A Will There's A Way" / "In the Beginning There Was Rhythm") was a split single by The Pop Group and The Slits, bands which shared a drummer as well as managers (Christine Robertson and Dick O'Dell). Pigbag’s single, "Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag" (Y10) entered the UK Indie Chart in May 1981, and stayed there for 70 weeks in total, peaking at #1.[1]

Y Records were eventually incorporated into Kaz Records, part of Castle Communications. O'Dell later joined with William Orbit's progressive house music company, Guerilla Records, which became prominent in British progressive house music in the early 1990s, with acts such as Leftfield, Spooky, React to Rhythm and D.O.P.[2]


  • Y1: Pop Group/The Slits "Where there’s a will"/"In the Beginning" 7" (co-released as Rough Trade RT039)
  • Y2: Pop Group For how much longer do we tolerate mass murder LP (co-released as Rough Trade ROUGH 9)
  • Y3: Slits Bootleg Retrospective LP (coverless authorized bootleg)
  • Y4: Slits "Man Next Door" 7" (co-released as Rough Trade RT044)
  • Y5: Pop Group We Are Time LP )co-released as Rough Trade ROUGH 12)
  • Y6: Glaxo babies "Limited Entertainment"/"You can sell your soul for a pot of gold, 24 hours a day" 7"
  • Y7: Slits "Animal Space" 7" (co-released as Human Records HUM 4)
  • Y8: Vincent Units "Carnival Song"/"Everything is going to be all wrong" 7"/cassette
  • Y9: Steve Beresford/Tristan Honsinger Double Indemnity LP
  • Y10: Pigbag "Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag" 7"/12"
  • Y11: Maximum Joy "Stretch"/"Silent Street" 7"/12"
  • Y12: Pigbag "Sunny day" 7"/12"
  • Y13: Tristan Honsinger/Steve Beresford/Toshinori Kondo/David Toop "Imitation of Life" LP
  • Y14: Tesco Bombers "Hernando’s Hideaway" 7"
  • Y15: Maximum Joy "White and Green Place" 7"/12"
  • Y16: Pigbag "Getting Up" 7"/12"
  • Y17: Pigbag Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive LP
  • Y18: Diamanda Galas The Litanies of Satan LP
  • Y19: Sun Ra Stange Celestial Road LP
  • Y20: Mouth "Who’s Hot" 7"/10" with double groove featuring different versions of the song
  • Y21: Shriekback Tench MLP
  • Y22: Shriekback "Sexthinkone" 7"
  • Y23: Christopher Reeves "Dining at Dzerzhinsky’s" 7"/12"
  • Y24: Pigbag "The Big Bean" 7"/12"
  • Y25: Pulsallama "The Devil Lives in My Husband’s Body"/"Ungawa pt. II" 7"/12" Double A single
  • Y26: Maximum Joy "In the Air" 7"/12"
  • Y27: Shriekback "My spine is the baseline" 7"/12"
  • Y28: Maximum Joy Station MXJY LP
  • Y29: Tymon Dogg Battle Of Wills LP
  • Y30: R.A.P.P Featuring Archie Pool R.A.P.P. Presents Wicked City Featuring Archie Pool LP
  • Y31: The Promenaders The Promenaders LP
  • Y32: Disconnection "Bali Ha’i" 12"
  • Y33⅓: Various Birth of the Y LP
  • Y LP 501: Pigbag Lend an Ear LP
  • Y LP 502: Shriekback Care LP
  • Y LP 504: Shriekback Jam Science LP (not authorized by the band)
  • Y MP 1001: Pigbag Live MLP
  • Y PB 100: Pigbag Favourite Things compilation LP
  • Y RA 1: Sun Ra Arkestra "Nuclear War"/"Sometimes I'm Happy" 12"
  • Y RA 2: Sun Ra Arkestra Nuclear War LP (released in Italy)
  • Y(T)101: Pigbag "Hit the O’Deck" 7"/12"
  • Y(T)102: Shriekback "Lined Up" 7"/12"
  • YT103: Pulsallama "Qui Qui (A Canadian in Paris)" 12"
  • Y(T)104: Shriekback "Working on the ground" 7"/12"
  • Y(T)106: Shriekback "Lined Up"/"My spine" 7"/12"/12" picture disc[3]

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