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Yaël Nazé  at "L’Espace des sciences" on 16 October 2012

Yaël Nazé is a Belgian astrophysicist who works at the University of Liège. She specializes in massive stars and their interactions with their surroundings.


She came from what she described as a poor part of Belgium where people enjoyed stargazing. At ten she considered meteorology, but by twelve became interested in astronomy.[1] She received her PhD in March, 2004 and qualified as an FNRS researcher since 2009. She devotes part of her leisure to the popularization of sciences through conferences, animations, exhibitions, and articles. She has written several books that have earned her several awards.[2][3] Her scientific work has been just as rewarded and repeatedly so.[3][4]

Bibliography - Books[edit]

  • Les couleurs de l'Univers, Belin, 2005 (prix d'astronomie de Haute Maurienne 2006, prix biennal Hainuyer de vulgarisation scientifique 2006)
  • L'astronomie au féminin, Vuibert, 2006 et CNRS éditions, 2014 (plume d'or 2006, prix Verdickt-Rijdams 2007)
  • Histoire du télescope, la contemplation de l'Univers des premiers instruments aux actuelles machines célestes,Vuibert, 2009
  • L'astronomie des anciens, Belin, 2009 (prix Jean-Rostand 2009)
  • Cahier d'exploration du ciel I. Découvrir l'Univers, Réjouisciences, 2009
  • Cahier d'exploration du ciel II. Mesurer l'Univers, Réjouisciences, 2012
  • La cuisine du cosmos - cahier de (g)astronomie, Réjouisciences, 2012
  • Voyager dans l'espace, CNRS éditions, 2013 (fr:prix Roberval, 2014)
  • A la recherches d'autres mondes - les exoplanètes, Académie Royale de Belgique - éditions, collection academie en poche, Octobre 2013
  • Art & Astronomie - Impressions célestes, Omnisciences, octobre 2015

Popular works[edit]

  • In 2018, Nazé analyzed the controversy over a Ph.D. thesis proposed by a student at the University of Sfax, which defended a flat earth as well as a geocentric model of the solar system and a young Earth. The dissertation, which had not been approved by the committee overseeing environmental studies theses, had been made public and denounced in 2017 by professor Hafedh Ateb, a founder of the Tunisian Astronomical Society on his Facebook page.[5]

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