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"Ya Mustafa" also spelled "Ya Mustapha" (in Arabic يا مصطفى), is a well-known multilingual song of Middle-Eastern origin, composed by famous Egyptian Musician Mohammed Fawzi (1918–1966) which has been recorded in many different languages. Several different versions, including parodies, have been recorded. The song first became popular in Europe with the help of the Egyptian singer Bob Azzam, who released it in 1960 in France.[1]


The song has been performed in many different versions by many different singers worldwide, including Greek ("Μουσταφά"), Turkish and Serbian ("Mustafa") languages, where they are very popular in the respective countries. There was also a Hindi version used in the soundtrack of a Bollywood film. The music of the song is influenced by Greek music. The song was very popular in the 1950s and early 1960s, but its popularity is revived with newer versions of the song.


The song is featured in a number of Egyptian movies, including one starring the Egyptian actor Ismail Yassin in the 1950s, and another featuring Sabah from the same era. It is also used in the Indian film Aatish. The comedy troupe Warkop made a parody of this song in their 1979 film debut, Mana Tahan.


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