Ya Tosiba

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Ya Tosiba
Ya Tosiba.jpg
Singer Zuzu Zakaria
Background information
OriginBerlin, Germany
GenresAvant-pop, Global Beats, Hip hop, Electronic dance music
Years active2010–present
LabelsAsphalt Tango Records
MembersZuzu Zakaria
Tatu Metsätähti

Ya Tosiba are an electronic music duo formed in Finland in 2010, consisting of Norwegian-Azerbaijani singer and producer Zuzu Zakaria and Finnish electronic music producer Tatu Metsätähti (also known as Mesak).

Their music is a blend of Scandinavian electronic music, Hip hop and classical Arabic, Persian and Turkic music traditions such as Mugam and Ashik.[1][2] The texts and poetry used are historical and belong to a genre known as Meykhana. Those were found by Zuzu Zakaria at field-trips to Azerbaijan as a part of her MA Thesis for State University in Oslo. Her master's thesis is the only introductory study in English of the genre existing.[3]


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2017 Love Party (Asphalt Tango Records)[4]


  • 2012 Mouse on Mars: Parastrophics (Monkey Town), track 12: Baku Hipster
  • 2012 Center Of The Universe: Astral Harassment (Metronomicon Audio), track 1: Streelight Interference
  • 2015 Joxaren: Diir Balek (European Music), track B1: Qurban Gəlir
  • 2017 Pykäri: Pykäri (Solina Records), track 09: Anlatamıyorum[5]


  • 2016 Racing Heart: What Comes After (Ya Tosiba Remix)


  • 2013 Skweee! (Laton Records), track A3: Anti-futbol (Meykhanacid mix)
  • 2016 Tribute To Kylmä Sota (Brown Records), track A5: PST
  • 2016 Metronomicon Audio 7.0 & 8.0 (Metronomicon Audio), track 2-3: Qoçu

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • 2012 Mad Barber (Harmönia)
  • 2014 Mollah The Machine (Pingipung)[6]
  • 2014 Mollah The Machine Remixes (Pingipung)


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