Yaa Asantewaa Museum

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The Yaa Asantewaa Museum
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Yaa Asantewaa Museum
Established 2000

The Yaa Asantewaa Museum is a museum in Atwima Mponua District in Ghana. It was built to honor Ashanti leader Yaa Asantewaa, who was the queen mother of Ejisu. The museum was established in 2000. In 2004 the museum was gutted by a fire. Most of the relics that were inside were destroyed and only a few clay pots remained.[1] Because of the fire tourism within the area decreased causing a series of negative effects on the surrounding communities.[2] In October 2009, local leaders expressed a desire to refurbish the museum.[3] It wasn't until 2016 that someone actually took interest in the restoration project, when UNICEF stepped in and volunteered 10 million dollars to help restore the museum to its former glory. The plan constructed by UNICEF calls for the facility to be located on a 14-acre plot of land and be state of the art.[4]