Yadollah Bigdeli

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Yadollah Bigdeli (1883 - 1960) was an Iranian official responsible for the armory during the reign of Reza Shah.


He was a son of Colonel Hassan Gholi Bigdeli, son of Colonel Agha Khan Bigdeli, son of Mohammad Khan, son of Arab Khan, son of Bahram Khan, son of Alimardan Khan, son of Karam Agha Beyk (Karam Ojaghi) and from the Bigdeli tribe.

During his life, he married six women, Ms. Farkhondeh Gharehgozloo, Ms. Esmat Molook Mirzaei, Ms. Zahra ?, Ms. Zahra Khodarahimi, Ms. Maryam Gharehgozloo, Ms. Hamideh Kazemi and had more than 30 children.[citation needed]