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Sahidanagar Municipality
Nickname(s): Jadukuha
Sahidanagar Municipality is located in Nepal
Sahidanagar Municipality
Sahidanagar Municipality
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 26°44′N 86°06′E / 26.73°N 86.10°E / 26.73; 86.10Coordinates: 26°44′N 86°06′E / 26.73°N 86.10°E / 26.73; 86.10
Country   Nepal
ZoneJanakpur Zone
DistrictDhanusha District
Population (2011)
 • Total6,267
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)

Sahidanagar Municipality[1] is a Municipality in Dhanusa District in the Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal. It got status of municipality on 2017 by Government of Nepal named as SahidNagar Municipality.At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 6,267 and had 1,145 houses.Sahidanagar is one of the big business markets in Dhanusha district.Sahidanagar is a home of many martyrs; It is why Its name is Sahidanagar. For an entire generation of students in the 1970s, Sahidanagar was a codeword for fierce resistance, ceaseless struggle and spirit of sacrifice. There were several reasons behind its popularity. This village is known as Sahidanagar (Martyr Town) for warriors that laid down their lives for the cause of democracy, socialism and nationality. In the early 1970s, security personnel killed two school students—known jointly as Kameshwar-Kusheshwar now—for their political beliefs. After Durganand Jha, these two teens became martyrs to the cause of democracy in the long-drawn fight against Panchayat for freedom. Few remember their names anymore, but they sacrificed their lives for the freedom of every Nepali. Public memory is phenomenally short, but forgetting the martyrdom of Kameshwar-Kusheswar borders on national ungratefulness. During the People’s Movement of 1990, three rural women and two men from Yadukuha once again embraced death and succeeded in firing the imagination of every freedom-loving Nepali in the country and abroad. The People’s Movement had begun to lose momentum—the blood of martyrs from Yadukuha rekindled embers of liberty that finally spread like wildfire and consumed the autocratic Panchayat system. Perhaps there is some truth in the Christian dictum that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. The cathedral that was built in 1990 was called a multiparty democracy. At the height of the Maoist insurgency, 11 policemen lost their lives in the vicinity of Yadukuha. Their sacrifice too did not go in vain. It created tremendous pressure upon political parties, the Maoists, the international community and the civil society to look for a peaceful settlement to the decade-long armed conflict.There must be something in the earth, water, and air of Yadukuha that makes it produce persons of extraordinary courage, conviction and commitment to democracy and social justice.There are two government schools , Shree Janata Ekai ma bi & primary school along with three private schools.There are two government hospitals: Ayurvedic hospital and Janswasthya hospital & Eye hospital as well as veterinary with many private medical stores i.e.Gupta Pharmacy (founder ; Kishori Sah), Manju medical.etc .Yadukuha is famous for the big bazaar (Hatya) which is the big vegetable market in the entire ilaka (area) held on twice a week i.e. Sunday and Wednesday.This village is historic by many means which is informed by respected ex Chairman of Nepal Red Cross society & Nepal teachers union also ex-head teacher of Yadukuha High school Mr. Lal Babu Hathi who went on receive award in the field of education from then President of Nepal .Recent times have seen vast development in this area in the likes of District administration office, Nepal Banijya Bank, Drinking water ,Ring Road and many more. Land of Yadukuha have given pools of Engineers, Doctors, Politicians,Businessmen to serve nation. Many foreign & national aid is going on there . Yadukuha is center of attraction in the area . Army Camp , Armed police force & Nepal police ; all forms of security personnel is deployed there thus known for peace & safe place to live in.


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