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For the brand of radio equipment, see Yaesu (brand).
Taxis line up in front of the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station.

Yaesu (八重洲?) is a neighborhood in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan, located north of Ginza, west of Nihonbashi and Kyōbashi, and adjacent to the east side of Tokyo Station. The Yaesu exit, which faces Nihonbashi, is recent and primarily provides access to the Shinkansen platforms.


The area was named after the 17th century Dutch adventurer Jan Joosten, who, for his services to Tokugawa Ieyasu, was granted a house in Edo (today's Tokyo). The area came to be called Yayosu Quay after him—his name was pronounced yan yōs'ten in Japanese—and the name exists in the name of Yaesu side of Tokyo Station. Yaesu Avenue has a monument dedicated to Jan Joosten and his life after his arrival in Japan on the Liefde with William Adams.

Ukiyo-e artist Andō Hiroshige was born in the Yayosu barracks in the Yaesu area in 1797.

Places in Yaesu[edit]

  • Tokyo Station and highway bus platforms
  • Yaesu underground shopping promenade, which extends eastward from Tokyo Station down Yaesu Avenue.

Companies based in Yaesu[edit]

Railway and subway stations[edit]


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