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Yafford is a hamlet on the Isle of Wight.[1] It is located nine kilometres southwest from Newport in an area known as the Back of the Wight between Brighstone and Niton. It is in the civil parish of Shorwell. It has a non operational water mill, which was working until 1970. The mill has an overshot water wheel, powered by the flow of water from a millpond. The pond is fed by a stream from the nearby village of Shorwell, part of the Buddle Brook. The name Yafford is said to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "hecce" meaning a hatch or sluice.[citation needed] The mill was a grist mill, working to grind corn (wheat, oats, barley) to create animal feed; it did not have the machinery to produce fine flour for people.

Coordinates: 50°38′11″N 1°22′06″W / 50.63639°N 1.36833°W / 50.63639; -1.36833


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