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Yagüe CF.png
Full name Yagüe Club de Fútbol
Founded 1962
Ground El Salvador
Logroño, La Rioja,
Ground Capacity 1,161[1]
Chairman Spain Gonzalo Espinosa
Manager Spain Daniel Terroba
League 3ª – Group 16
2016–17 Regional Preferente, 3rd (promoted)

Yagüe Club de Fútbol is a Spanish football team based in the Yagüe neighborhood of Logroño. The club was founded in 1962. The team currently plays in the Tercera División – Group 16 in Group 16, where it has played for six seasons. The current manager is Alejandro Fernández.

A new ground is being constructed for the team to play at the local high school, El Colegio Juan Yagüe.

Season to season[edit]

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1962–87 Regional
1987/88 19th
1988–91 Regional
1991/92 20th
1992/93 Reg. Pref.
1993/94 18th
1994/95 Reg. Pref.
1995/96 18th
1996–06 Regional
2006/07 14th
2007/08 16th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
2008/09 15th
2009/10 19th
2010/11 Reg. Pref. 8th
2011/12 Reg. Pref. 2nd
2012/13 18th
2013/14 Reg. Pref. 4th
2014/15 18th
2015/16 Reg. Pref. 4th
2016/17 Reg. Pref. 3rd


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