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Yaghmaei, also spelled Yaghmaie, Yaghmae, and Yaghmai, (Persian: یغمائی/یغمایی‎‎) is a large and well known Iranian family descended from Yaghma Jandaghi (1781-1859), a well-known poet living during the time of Mohammad Shah Qajar of the Qajar dynasty in the early 19th century. The Yaghmai family originated from the Khur and Biabanak County of Isfahan and Yazd Province of Iran. Today there are still many members of the family living in that region, while many others throughout the years have moved to other cities of Iran, including Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan, and to many foreign countries as well, especially to U.S, Canada, European countries and Australia.[1]

Yaghma had four sons, three of them were among renowned literary figures of their time: his first son was I'smail (1810-1868) who wrote poetry under the pseudonym of Honar. He was born in Khur, Isfahan, studied theology in Kashan to the level of Ijtihad, but resigned adhering to the clergy and became a merchant. He married two times and had ten children. His first daughter, Fātīmeh, married Habīb-ollāh son of Hāj Seīd Mīrzā Ghāzī of Al-e Davoud family. Second son of Yaghma, Ahmad (1820-1897), wrote poetry under the pseudonym of Safā'ī. Third son , Mirza Ebrāhīm, was also a talented poet who wrote under the pseudonym Dastān. He studtied medicine in Tehran and was a companion to many Qajar princes, including Sayf-od-Dowleh and Hesam-ol-Saltaneh.[2]

Nowadays the Yaghmai family consists of a significant number of professionals in the fields of science, medicine, literature, entertainment, music, arts, and law. Many of these professionals have made noteworthy contributions to humanity and their respective professions. Dr. Hedayat Yaghmaei pediatrics, Dr. Saeed Yaghmai, engineer, Dr. Issa Yaghmai, radiological scientist, Dr. Masoud Yaghmai, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Keyhan Yaghmai, Politician, Eghbal Yaghmaei, writer and translator, Afsaneh Yaghmai, writer and poet, Kourosh Yaghmaei, singer-songwriter (pre-Islamic revolution), Kaveh Yaghmaei, singer-songwriter, Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai, opera singer, Amir Yaghmai, musician, Dr. Cyrus Yaghmai, anesthesiologist, Dr. Pedram Yaghmai, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Saman Yaghmai-Aledavoud, director and cinematographer, Houtan Yaghmai, attorney and producer, Rosha Yaghmai, fine artist, and Maziar Yaghmaei, Italian writer, are to name a few.

The patriarch of the family, Dr. Habib Yaghmai died in 1984, at age 83; however, the family is survived by hundreds across the world.

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