Yahagi River

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Yahagi River
Yahagi Dam lake.jpg
Yahagi Dam Lake
Native name 矢作川
Country Japan
Physical characteristics
Main source Mount Ōkawairi
1,908 m (6,260 ft)
River mouth Mikawa Bay
Length 117 km (73 mi)
  • Average rate:
    37.46 m3/s (1,323 cu ft/s)
Basin features
River system Yahagi River
Basin size 1,830 km2 (710 sq mi)

The Yahagi River (矢作川, Yahagi-gawa) is a river that flows from Nagano Prefecture's Mount Ōkawairi, through Gifu Prefecture, and enters Mikawa Bay from Aichi Prefecture in Japan.[1] It is one of Japan's first-class rivers.


After flowing south from Mount Ōkawairi, the river enters Gifu Prefecture and forms the prefectural border with Aichi Prefecture between the cities of Ena and Toyota. Downstream, the Yahagifuru River (矢作古川 Yahagifuru-kawa) follows the original path of the river; however, the river was changed to its current path at the beginning of the Edo period because of flooding. The river forms the border between the cities of Nishio and Hekinan when it flows into Mikawa Bay.

River Communities[edit]

Nagano Prefecture
Neba, Hiraya (Shimoina District)
Gifu Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture
Toyota, Okazaki, Anjō, Nishio, Hekinan

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