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The Yahikoyama Ropeway (弥彦山ロープウェイ, Yahikoyama Rōpuwei) is Japanese aerial lift line in Yahiko, Niigata. This is the only line Yahiko Kankō Ropeway (弥彦観光索道, Yahiko Kankō Sakudō, "Yahiko Sightseeing Ropeway") operates. The company is a subsidiary of Juraku, which operates hotels and restaurants. Opened in 1958, the line climbs Mount Yahiko (弥彦山) of Yahiko Shrine (弥彦神社). There is Panorama Tower at the summit, a tower with the observatory that moves like a rotating elevator. The observatory has a view of Sado Island on a clear day.

Basic data[edit]

  • System: Aerial tramway, 3 cables
  • Cable length: 981 m (3,219 ft)
  • Vertical interval: 419 m (1,375 ft)
  • Operational speed: 3.7 m/s
  • Passenger capacity per a cabin: 35
  • Cabins: 2
  • Stations: 2
  • Duration of one-way trip: 5 minutes

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Coordinates: 37°42′33.4″N 138°48′59.5″E / 37.709278°N 138.816528°E / 37.709278; 138.816528