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Yahoo! Mash was a social network service launched by Yahoo! during the early part of September 2007, to compete with other social networking sites by offering "mashups" of existing web services on a single-user interface. On August 28, 2008, Yahoo! announced via email to its subscribing members that Mash would be shut down on September 28.[1]

Yahoo! Mash had the unusual feature of allowing a user to edit other users' pages, except in cases where the other users have switched the feature off.

It is thought that the Yahoo! Mash social network was created after plans for a merger of Yahoo! and Facebook failed.[2]


Yahoo! Mash pages were composed of modules that could be added by their users or their contacts.

One module that could be added to a page (or a friend's page) was able to show photographs from Yahoo!'s photograph-sharing web site Flickr.

As with other social networks, pages that were not in a user's control could contain a "Common Friends" module that showed any mutual friends. Users were also able to communicate using a private messaging system.

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